• Benchmarks Data Analysis Form
    The district uses multiple levels of assessments to gather data regarding teaching and learning.  During the 2014-2015 academic year, the district will be using SchoolNet Assessments, which are administered either paper/pencil or online assessments, developed by teachers in the district as a teacher formative assessments option.  This means that teachers can develop their classroom quizzes, tests, Do-Now's or other quick assessments using this tool.  

    Additionally the district uses a traditional paper/pencil assessment which is an assessment of how well students have learned and maintained over time.  These assessments are listed on our district's testing calendar as District Benchmarks and are administered at least once for semester long courses and at least twice for yearlong courses

    Answer sheets will be mailed to the scoring company and require that the proper editing takes place to ensure that student names and  other identifying information are included on the documents and bubbled accordingly.  If not, there will be no way to identify who the students are after that point.  PLEASE check every answer sheet before sending for scoring and only send those that will be scored.