School Board
  • Hugh Credle, ChairmanHugh Credle, Chairman
  • Chester Alston, Vice ChairChester Alston, Vice Chair
  • Tanya Byrd-Robinson, MemberTanya Byrd-Robinson, Member
  • Alberta Greene, MemberAlberta Greene, Member
  • Tiffany Hale, MemberTiffany Hale, Member
  • James Williams, MemberJames Williams, Member
  • O.D. Sykes, MemberO.D. Sykes, Member

Board Information
Weldon City Schools
     The mission of the Weldon City School District is to ensure learning for all students. This mission will be accomplished through quality education. The district believes that quality education will provide students the opportunity to: develop the ability to think logically, independently, critically and creatively ; communicate effectively; develop a positive self-image; develop an appreciation for other people and cultures; develop appreciation for the arts; develop an awareness of the benefits of healthful living; and develop an understanding of civic responsibility in local, state, national and world communities.

     The Weldon City School system is governed by a seven-member Board of Education which sets policies and establishes guidelines for school operations. Board members are elected at-large from the city of Weldon.

     The chairman and vice-chairman are elected by the board. Board members are committed to setting high standards for the school system. They spend many hours studying issues, discussing policies, determining budgets, and attending meetings.

     The superintendent, appointed by the board, is responsible for administration of the school system. The superintendent has an assistant superintendent.

     Regular monthly board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 5:45 p.m. at the Central Office building on Mulberry Street in Weldon. All meetings are announced in advance through the local media. The public is invited to attend. People who wish to address the board on agenda items should contact the board's central office.