WCS ZScaler Internet Content Filter

Zscaler is the Weldon City Schools internet content filtering service.  As a recipient of federal funding for internet service and out of concern for the best interests of our students,  Weldon City Schools is required by federal law, know as the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), to filter the district's internet connections for our students to restrict access by minors to inappropriate content on the Internet.


For more information regarding CIPA, please visit:  http://transition.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cipa.pdf

 Zscaler Content Filter Guidelines

1. A WCS faculty or staff should never give their personally assigned Zscaler content filter password to a student.  Currently, students must utilize the generic Zscaler account, which is as follows:

Login Name = wcs@weldoncityschools.k12.nc.us    Password = wcsd1415

2. As much as possible, check the accessibility of a website or other web-based resource at least 1 day before you plan to use the resource for instructional purposes.

3. If you would like to unblock a website for instructional purposes, place a technology request for the exact website address you would like unblocked. A description of the website may not be adequate. Example: Instead of stating “I need to have the Science Spot website unblocked”, state “I need to have http://sciencespot.net/ unblocked”

4. Please be aware that, for the most part, the Weldon City Schools technology department does not determine which sites are blocked or unblocked. An automated Zscaler program analyzes websites daily and uses specific algorithms to determine how to categorize websites. There may be times when a perfectly legitimate site for educational purposes is inadvertently blocked by the Zscaler program.